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The 29th Baltic Conference on the History of Science

Konferencija Scientia et historia – 2021

Konferencija Scientia et historia – 2020

Konferencija Scientia et historia – 2019

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Konferencija Scientia et historia – 2017

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The 29th Baltic Conference on the History of Science, Vilnius


Conference program (pdf)


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Vilnius University, Aula Parva Hall


11:00–12:00 Registration


Welcome and Opening

12:00–12:15 RAMŪNAS KONDRATAS, President of the Association of the History and Philosophy of Science of the Baltic States

RIMANTAS JANKAUSKAS, Vice-Rector, Vilnius University





12:15–13:00 RAMŪNAS KONDRATAS (Vilnius University) Four Centuries of Science at Vilnius University


13:00–14:00 Lunch break


14:00–15:00 ASTA LIGNUGARIENĖ (Lithuanian University of the Health Sciences) The Establishment and Development of the University of Lithuania (Vytautas Magnus) in Kaunas 1922–1940


15:00–16:00 ANDRIS ŠNĒ (University of Latvia) The Formative Years of Latvian National Higher Education: Management, Research and Studies at the University of Latvia in the 1920s–1930s


16:00–16:30 Coffee break


16:30–17:30 ERKI TAMMIKSAAR (University of Tartu and the Estonian University of the Life Sciences) & KEN KALLING (University of Tartu) To be National or International: That is the Question. One Hundred Years of the Estonian University in Tartu


17:30–18:30 ANTO LEIKOLA (University of Helsinki) The Development of the University of Helsinki


18:30–19:00 Excursion to the Sts. John’s Church bell tower


19:00–20:00 Welcome reception (University café)



Friday, September 20, 2019

8:30–9:00 registration


Section A1: MEDICINE (Aula Parva Hall)



Session 1:

9:00–9:30 MARTYNAS JAKULIS (Vilnius University) Healing Sparks: Mickiewicz, Stubielewicz, and Medical Electricity in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Vilnius


9:30–10:00 ARNAUD PARENT (Mykolas Romeris University) From Vitalism to Animal Magnetism: the Mesmerist Experiments of Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert


10:00–10:30 MONIKA RAMONAITĖ (Vilnius University) The Beginnings of Medical Education at the University of Vilnius: Vision and Challenges of the Commission of National Education


10:30–11:00 Coffee break


Session 2:

11:00–11:30 VILMA GUDIENĖ (Lithuanian University of the Health Sciences) Comparative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Recipes Registered at the Vilnius University Pharmacy in 1801–1802


11:30–12:00 AISTIS ŽALNORA (Vilnius University) Physical Health and Pronatalism in Jędrzej Śniadecki’s On the Physical Education of Children


12:00–13:00 Lunch break



Session 3:

13:00–13.30 EGLĖ SAKALAUSKAITĖ-JUODEIKIENĖ (Vilnius University) Solidism Doctrine and the Perception of Nervous System Diseases in the First Half of the 19th Century at Vilnius University


13:30–14:00 KOSTIANTYN VASYLIEV (Odessa National Medicine University) Inspector of the Imperial Vilnius Medical-Surgical Academy Karl Göhling (1805–1886)


14:00–14:30 ASTA LIGNUGARIENĖ (Lithuanian University of the Health Sciences) Problems with Medical Studies at the University of Lithuania (Vytautas Magnus University) in 1922–1940


14:30–15:00 Coffee break


Session 4:

15:00–15:30 RŪTA DUBAKIENĖ (Vilnius University) History of Allergology at Lithuanian Universities


15:30–16:00 ANU RAE (Tartu University) & YAROSLAV STADNICHENKO (University of Poitiers) Treatment of the 1897 Puka Train Accident Victims at the University of Tartu Hospital


16:00–16:30 YURIY VASYLIEV (Sumy State University) University of Tartu Graduate E.M. Kagan (1887–1948) and his Role in the Development of Occupational Health as a Science and Academic Discipline in Ukraine


Section A2: MEDICINE (room 239)



Session 1:

9:00–9:30 VALENTĪNA GORDJUŠINA , ĒRIKA LŪSE & ZANE ZALUŽINSKA (University of Latvia) Historical Review of the Development of Pathology at the University of Latvia’s Medical Faculty


9:30–10:00 IEVA LĪBIETE & DIANA KLEŠNIKA (Rīga Stradiņš University) Publish or Perish: Traces of Undocumented Medical Studies of the 1920s Captured in the Anatomical Collection of the Rīga Stradiņš University


10:00–10:30 MAIJA POZEMKOVSKA (Rīga Stradiņš University) Elizabete Jakovleva: The First Female Latvian Medical Professor in Latvia


10:30–11:00 Coffee break


Session 2:

11:00–11:30 VINETA BLITSONE & MĀRTIŅŠ VESPERIS (Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine) Faculty Members of the Department of Medicine at the University of Latvia during World War I


11:30–12:00 MĀRTIŅŠ VESPERIS (Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine) Kārlis Barons’ Service in the Russian Empire Army in Šiauliai in 1892


12:00–13.00 Lunch break


Session 3:



13.00–13.30 ZANE ALIKA & MĀRTIŅŠ VESPERIS (Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine) The Scientific Work and Private Practice of Professor Pāvils Mucenieks


13:30–14:00 JURIS SALAKS (Rīga Stradiņš University) & KRISTINE ZIRNE (Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine) An Evaluation of Rare Medical Book Collections in Latvia According to the Grolier Club List One Hundred Books Famous in Medicine


14:00–14:30 ADAM TYSZKIEWICZ (The Medical University of Warsaw) On the Border between Science, Art and Politics: The Traditions of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Warsaw during 1915–1939


14:30–15:00 Coffee break


Section B1: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (room 239)



Session 4:

15:00–15:30 ALGIMANTAS GRIGELIS (Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) & BIRUTĖ RAILIENĖ (Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) Carol Eduard von Eichwald (1795–1876): An Early Pre-Evolutionist at Vilnius University


15:30–16:00 GRITA SKUJIENĖ, DOVILĖ SKĖRAITYTĖ & VIKTORIJA KUZNECOVA (Vilnius University) Growth of Collections at the Vilnius University’s Zoology Museum during 1803–1842


16:00–16:30 VINCAS BŪDA & ALGIMANTAS JAKIMAVIČIUS (Nature Research Centre, Vilnius) Jurgis Elisonas (1889–1946): Fosterer of Lithuanian Natural and Educational Sciences and Culture


Section B2: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (room 238)

Moderator: VINCAS BŪDA


Session 1:

9:00–9:30 NADEZHDA SLEPKOVA (Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg) History of Taxonomy and the Principles of Exhibition of the Collection in the Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg: 300 Years of Change


9:30–10:00 ALEXANDRA RIZHINASHVILI (S.I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology) Ernst Haeckel and the Modern Perception of Ecology in Russia


10:00–10:30 AURIKA RIČKIENĖ (Nature Research Centre, Vilnius), PIOTR DASZKIEWICZ (National Museum of Natural History, Paris), TOMASZ SAMOJLIK (Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences) & ANASTASIA FEDOTOVA (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) Contribution of Vilnius University to the Flora Studies of the 19th-Century Białowieża Primeval Forest


10:30–11:00 Coffee break


Session 2:

11:00–11:30 ARVYDAS PACEVIČIUS (Vilnius University) & VINCAS BŪDA (Nature Research Centre, Vilnius) Autobiography of Mykolas Girdvainis as a Document of Scholarly Communication in Europe at the Turn of the 20th Century


11:30–12:00 LAIMA PETRAUSKIENĖ & VINCAS BŪDA (Nature Research Centre, Vilnius) The Documentary Film Recordings by Biologist Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis


12:00–13:00 Lunch break


Section C: PHYSICAL SCIENCES (room 238)



Session 3:

13:00–13:30 BIRUTĖ RAILIENĖ (Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) Disseminating the Scholarly Heritage of Vilnius University Professor Jędrzej Śniadecki (1768–1838)


13:30–14:00 GIEDRĖ MIKNIENĖ & BIRUTĖ RAILIENĖ (Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) Retrospective Bibliographical Data in Periodicals: Development of the Bibliography of Lithuania, Series C


14:00–14:30 EGLĖ PAŠKEVIČIŪTĖ–KUNDROTIENĖ (Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) From the Lithuanian Scientific Society to the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences: Lithuanian Sources for the History of Science in the Manuscript Department of the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (1907–1941)


14:30–15:00 Coffee break


Session 4:

15:00–15:30 LIBERTAS KLIMKA (Lithuanian Society of Regional Studies) Clocks by English Makers in the Vilnius University Astronomical Observatory


15:30–16:00 DAIVA MILINKEVIČIŪTĖ (Lithuanian Institute of History) Astronomer Piotr Sławiński (1795–1881) and his Scientific Journey to London in 1819


16:00–16:30 ROMUALDAS ŠVIEDRYS (New York University) A Study of Individuals Associated with the 17th-Century Military Engineer Casimir Siemienowicz





Session 1:

9:00–9:30 LILIAN LANGSEPP (University of Tartu) The Monochord Experiment Considered within Rom Harré’s Typology of Scientific Experiments


9:30–10:00 EUGENIJA RUDNICKAITĖ (Vilnius University) Witnesses to University History: Collections at the Vilnius University Museum of Geology


10:00–10:30 MAŁGORZATA DURBAS (Jan Dlugosz University) Knowledge and Technology Transfer in the Age of the Enlightenment: The Scientific Correspondence between Franciszek Bieliński (1683–1766) and Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau (1700–1782)


10:30–11:00 Coffee break


Session 2:

11:00–11:30 PEETER MÜÜRSEPP (Tallinn University of Technology) One Hundred Years of Technical Education in Tallinn


11:30–12:00 SVITLANA RUDA & VIRA GAMALIIA (Kyiv State University of Infrastructure and Technology) On the Question of the Institutionalization of the History of Technology in Ukraine


12:00–13:00 Lunch break



Session 3:

13:00–13:30 AUDRIUS DUBIETIS (Vilnius University) Laser Science at Vilnius University: Past, Present and Future


13:30–14:00 LEA LEPPIK (University of Tartu) How Much Science Can a University Hold?


14:00–14:30 ALĪDA ZIGMUNDE (Riga Technical University) University Staff without Diplomas: Exceptional Cases in the History of the University of Latvia


14:30–15:00 Coffee break


Session 4:

15:00–15:30 PIOTR BUDZYŃSKI (University of Łódź) Stalinist Vision of Science at a Polish University: Theory and Reality


15:30–16:00 ENDLA LÕHKIVI (University of Tartu) Interdisciplinary Research at Contemporary Universities




18:00–20:00 History Faculty Café


Saturday , September 21, 2019

Section D: PHILOSOPHY (Senate Hall)



9:00–9:30 AGNĖ ALIJAUSKAITĖ (Vilnius University) Convergence as a Sign of Progress in Science and Philosophy


9:30–10:00 EVELI NEEMRE (University of Tartu) Value Recognition through Value Conflicts


10:00–10:30 VYTAUTAS TRIPONIS & DALIA TRIPONIENĖ (Vilnius University) Vascular Medicine at the Old Vilnius University


11:00–12:00 Meeting of the General Assembly and Acta Baltica editors


13:00–14:00 Museum tours

  1. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania 
  2. MO Museum




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