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The 29th Baltic Conference on the History of Science

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The 29th Baltic Conference on the History of Science, Vilnius


Lithuanian Institute of History, Vilnius (Lithuania)


Astronomer Piotr Sławiński (1795–1881) and his Scientific Journey to London in 1819




Under the regulations of 1803, Vilnius University was able to send adjuncts and professors on scientific journeys. Jan Śniadecki chose Piotr Sławiński as his successor to the Vilnius University Astronomical Observatory, and sent him to London in 1819–1820 in order to prepare him for scientific work at the university. Like other scientists who were sent abroad, Piotr Sławiński received instructions with tasks that he had to accomplish and to inform the university about his progress. During the time that the young astronomer was abroad, he made a useful acquaintance and joined scientific societies. This was one of the reasons why his works were published at an international level and reached a wide range of scientists. Piotr Sławiński also gained scientific knowledge and prestige, which allowed him to make a good career at the university. Thus the young assistant professor of astronomy from Vilnius University joined the ranks of world famous scientists. This paper will examine how Piotr Sławiński and his works appeared in the context of the early 19th-century European scientific community and what was the role of Vilnius University in this matter.