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The 29th Baltic Conference on the History of Science, Vilnius


Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Department of Scholarly Information, Vilnius (Lithuania)


Retrospective Bibliographical Data in Periodicals: Development of the Bibliography of Lithuania, Series C




Many countries register their scholarly publications in national bibliographical registries. This facilitates the dissemination of scholarly information, and from a retrospective view, creates bibliographical sources for historians, such as those of the history of science.


The decision to register printed output from 1547–1940 was made in 1960 in Lithuania. Information on books in Lithuanian was issued in series A; on Lithuanian serials – in series B; and on articles from periodicals in series C. The Series A index, covering bibliographical data from 1574–1861, was published in 1969.


Articles, notes, and reviews from the Lithuanian periodical press (starting from 1832) are indexed in Series C. The task of creating this index was divided among the main libraries. The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (WLLAS) joined the national bibliographical indexing project in 1979. WLLAS has a lot of experience in bibliographical indexing. Its first bibliographical index was published in 1953. The library has published bibliographical indexes of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, subject and personal bibliographies.


The first volume of the Lithuanian Bibliography, Series C was published in 2000, covering a period of 1898–1900. The second volume (1901–1903) was published in 2003.


Since the traditional format for creating bibliographies did not meet the latest information requirements, digital solutions were considered. MARC formats were adopted. At the present time, MARC21 is being used.


In this paper, we will share our experiences at the WLLAS in compiling the Bibliography of Lithuania, Series C, and will describe how it can be used as a finding aid for the history of science, medicine and technology not only in Lithuania, but also in the neighboring countries of Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia.